Being Prepared

by stanleymorrisphotography

One thing about successful photojournalist is that they are always prepared and never fall short because of lack of prep. Photographers can’t always anticipate all the events and images taken as anything is round the corner. So having a camera at hand or close by is a must for all photographers travelling or looking for stories. So many times in the past I have missed beautiful eye catching natural scenes or a rare glimpse of magic through the eye and realised, WHERE IS MY CAMERA? 

After this I realised if I want to take myself serious as a photographer I have to be prepared and have a open mind to all photography when with my camera. I allow myself the best opportunity to capture any scene with multiple lenses in my back with a flash gun ready if needed to lighten the subjects. It is properly the must key piece of advice I can give to any aspiring photographers, just always be ready and prepared to shoot on the click of fingers. As you could be the only one to capture a rare glimpse to get your foot in the door and kick start your career.