My Blog will be looking at techniques and skills required in order to become a professional photojournalist. It shall give tips from myself, reflecting on personal experiences in the industry and other photographers that have inspired me. I will be posting some of my work as I start the industry and other helpful pieces of media that I will shall help other trainee photojournalists starting their career.

Francis Hawkins Photography

Francis Hawkins Photography

Here is a fellow photojournalist, Francis Hawkin’s blog, where his work and planning of shoots can be viewed. This is another blog that I instantly liked through the layout and simplistic nature of his page. His image quality is seen throughout his work, varying from different styles of photography is a good model for the skills needed to become a successful photojournalist and photographer. 


All Things Music

All Things Music

Chloe Ingram’s Blog

What I love about Chloe’s blog is the simplistic layout and and overall design of her page. By using plain colours with opposite text colours allows her viewpoints and titles to stand of the page and catch the audiences attention. Using an unlimited scroll layout allows the audience to easily scroll through her work with the pace and control given to the viewers. This doesn’t allow her blog to appear to packed with information and doesn’t give the initial feel that the page is too packed when posts.  

Mike Kane photography

Mike Kane photography

Here is Mike Kane’s photography blog with his portfolio available as well. His blog has really helped me with my work as his decription and explanation with each post and photo-story is detailed and very helpful to understand the thought processes behind his work. His images are great examples of professionl documentary and photojournalist styled images that inform the viewers of the story backing them up. 

Minimalistic Photography

Here is some of my minimalistic styled images over the years I have taken. I love this style of work as I am a big fan of simplistic styled images that give the focus of the image or photo-log in a clear manner. 

The use of negative space in images in one the most powerful tools used within the frame by a photographer. I channels the audiences attention to the captured chosen subject and portrays a relaxed manner across the print. I suggest to anyone to check out Uta barth’s images in Tanya Bonoakdar gallery,, as her use of  light, tones, minimal focus and spaces within the images is a inspiring beauty that I love viewing every time.

Here is some of my simplistic styled images:ImageImageImageImage


Craig Holland Conversion

This is my first image to ever make a printed newspaper, printed in the Cornishman on Thursday 2nd January and taken at the game on Thursday 26th December. This image is of Craig Holland converting The Cornish Pirates only try in the 10-3 home victory over rivals Plymouth Albion.

I got this opportunity to photograph this professional match whilst at work experience with Phil Mocton, the leading photographer for my local paper ‘The Cornishman’. I could not recommend young photographers to apply for different work experiences as this is the best way of learning what life in the industry is really like. It allowed me to experience day-to-day work as a photojournalist in which I really enjoyed and was proud of my images achievement above.

Faces Sell Papers

Over the christmas period I was able to work alongside ‘The Cornishman’s’ main photographer Phil Moncton for a week to get a real first hand feel for the industry. The Cornishman is a weekly based paper that is marketed to people living around the Penwith area, West Cornwall. 

I was able to pick up a few tips and new techniques working with Phil over the week and was taught specific factors to enable a successful story or article. 

In a local paper, one of main reasons to why people buy these is the names and faces in the paper. As fellow locals can be recognised and this draws in a greater audience. I was taught that the faces within the paper sell it, faces people recognise and know. That the images should contain the subjects faces so that people are instantly drawn in to the story and paper.

Lomo Photography for Digital

Love lomography styled images but struggle with the procedures of film? Enjoy Holga’s 60mm lens for new DSLR’s. The plastic lens is fixed to f8 setting and comes with simple instructions and decisions for the photographer to make.This soft focus toy allows for images to hold that vintage look with the ability to adjust to shutter speed and ISO settings on the camera. Offering photographers an easy opportunity to experiment with film styled images from early SLR and Lomography cameras but with their usual DSLR cameras.


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